In the November 2015 edition of The New Jersey Cooperator, Jonathan H. Katz, Esq., a partner in Hill Wallack LLP’s Community Associations Group, was quoted in the article “Vetting Your Professionals; Hiring the Best People for the Job.”

The article discusses finding the right contractor for your community association and includes some helpful tips on reviewing the contractor’s proposal and ensuring that the contractor is properly insured and licensed.

In the article, Mr. Katz states:

“Having your attorney review any contract from a vendor before signing is one of those situations where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Associations often think they’re saving money by skipping the step of going to their attorney to review the contract, and what they’ll do a lot of times is just sign the contractor’s proposal. But the contractor’s proposal is geared to be more favorable to the contractor. Anything in the proposal regarding what happens if there is a breach, whether it be attorney’s fees, or interest, or indemnification, are going to be very unfavorable to an association.”

You can read the full New Jersey Cooperator article here.

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